Sequel Pro full review

The Mac is a superb staging platform for web building. Shipping with Apache web server and PHP built in, all you need to start developing websites is MySQL. Of course, we’re glossing over things a bit here. You also need to know how to get everything working and how to code. HTML and CSS are essential, PHP coding less so, but it’s still handy. Thanks to Sequel Pro, though, at least you won’t have to learn that much SQL.

MySQL is the open-source, server-side database for roughly 80 per cent of the world’s dynamic websites, including Flickr, Facebook and even YouTube. But, user friendly it is not. Direct access and programming is, by default, via Terminal. Our idea of a productive afternoon is not pecking out SQL queries onto a command line with a manual open on our knee.

Enter Sequel Pro, a life-saving graphic interface for MySQL. Don’t get us wrong; Sequel Pro will still be as useless as a hand fan in a wind tunnel if you don’t know a little bit about SQL queries, but it makes the process of managing databases almost painless. You can connect to your existing MySQL installation and see data in structure or content views. You can also make edits to existing databases. For more advanced functions, check out the main menu, where you can flush out and repair databases and even create new ones from scratch.

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