Sethi and the Crown of Egypt is a voyage-of-discovery game pitched at the 6-9 age group. It’s set in ancient Egypt, in which the eponymous hero of the game, Sethi, goes on the hunt for the Pharoah’s royal crown. Without this, the ruler is powerless to defend his nation from an all-consuming plague of locusts. Using a mixture of pop-down maps and point-&-guess mousework, the user guides Sethi through his mission. Clicking on fishermen, papyrus makers and peasant farmers sparks conversations that yield vital clues. Moving from scene to scene also requires that Sethi pick up certain items that he can use later in the game. This is not always straightforward – at least it wasn’t for this 37-year-old. But when the going does get tough, there’s always Pepi – Sethi’s pet cat – who’s his all-knowing Jeeves.


Kids should find Sethi great fun, as well as educational. Its music and visuals are impressively evocative, as are the conversations Sethi conducts with sundry locals. However, the game was blighted by a number of MPEGs that hadn’t been translated from the French version. Montparnasse assures me this has been fixed. Let’s hope so, or your kids could be in for an unwelcome French class.

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