SightFlex full review

Now that I use iSight on a regular basis, I find it more annoying than ever that nobody ever looks you in the eye. The problem isn’t an easy one to fix, but MacMice has the closest thing to a solution I have found – it’s called the SightFlex. The SightFlex is an alternative stand for your iSight camera. It is the essence of simplicity, and it doesn’t need those eminently losable plastic clips that you need with the Apple iSight stands. It comprises a FireWire cable that goes into a solid, weighted base. From that base sprouts a bendy posable FireWire cable, on to which attaches the iSight camera. That alone doesn’t solve the problem of eye contact. The problem arises from the fact that you always want to look people in the eye, but during an iChat looking people in the eye on screen, isn’t where the camera is looking. The posable SightFlex is tall enough to peer over the tallest screens, but I prefer to have it actually in front of the screen. When your chat buddy is full screen, you should be able to make eye contact if you have the camera in the middle of the image. This obscures part of the picture, but to avoid the annoying looking-over-your-shoulder effect caused by most stands, it’s worth the trouble.
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