Silo 1.3 full review

Nevercenter’s Silo 1.3 is the latest subdivision-surface (sub-d) modeller to come to Mac OS X, and it’s one of the best bargains in years.

Silo 1.3

Sub-d modelling lets artists model complex, smoothly blended surfaces. The classic example is a human head: by manipulating simple polygonal shapes in Silo, you can define the complicated geometry where the nose meets the upper lip, creating perfect, smooth blends. Silo has a powerful package of polygon-editing tools, but added control over the weighting of creases isn’t available, and there’s no UV-mapping control.

Silo’s interface is fast, efficient and customizable. Smart tools let you work on half-models with symmetric mirroring; you can quickly join faces on separate objects and blend shapes into single surfaces. Silo 1.3 lets you draw directly on sub-d surfaces to create new geometry – a capability we’ve yet to see in more-expensive suites.

Silo is exclusively a modeller: to render, you can choose an export format and render it in another app.

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