Silver full review

As an adventure game, Silver doesn’t hold too many surprises. Within the first few minutes the bad guy captures the wife of the hero, the hero gives chase – you can guess the rest. I haven’t reached the end of the game yet, but if I’m successful and vanquish the bad guy, I’m sure I’ll be reunited with the Ball and Chain. If you like games like Final Fantasy you’ll probably enjoy this one. However, there’s nowhere near the complexity of story with Silver. It has fewer active characters, fewer non-player characters and generally less meat to it. The graphics are fairly good, and the ATI chipset is put to good use, create rippling pools, smoke effects and big magic-attack. Good graphics, though, are no substitute for an enthralling story though. One plus-point for Silver is the combat method. Rather than being a wholly menu-driven combat mode, choosing weapons or spells from a list, mouse strokes are used to wield the sword. This means that there’s real excitement when you meet up with a gang of baddies. An up-stroke plus the control key makes the character lunge with his sword. Moving the mouse left or right swipes the sword, so you can battle more than one bad guy. Other aspects of the gameplay are run of the mill – you increase energy by eating conveniently placed apples and cure poisonings with potions.
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