The Sims 2 full review

This sequel to the very popular Mac game is totally but follows the same ground rules as the original: you must guide simulated people, called, unsurprisingly, sims, through their daily lives, helping them make decisions that will affect their careers, emotional well being, and relationships.

Version 2 adds the concept of Aspirations – your sims now come with dreams and goals that you must try to fulfil. The game also has a genetics component that lets sims pass their own traits down to their kids. You can even create custom sims that look like you.

All told, The Sims 2 is a technically impressive game that adds many new features to an already proven formula. And believe it or not, The Sims 2 uses some of the most sophisticated and demanding 3D-graphics effects ever seen in a Mac game.

It’s unfortunate that the expansion packs from the previous version won’t work with The Sims 2, but it is a completely new game. However, the formula that made the developers of the original Sims millions was fuelled mostly by expansion packs. So it’s fair to assume that a steady stream of add-ons will be heading your way soon.

A 1.2GHz or faster machine is absolutely mandatory. Owners of ATI graphics cards will want to update their cards with the latest drivers and firmware from ATI – this made a big difference on my X800 card.

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