Skinny 3 for iPad full review

First impressions of the skinny 3 are good: the toughened back is good quality iPad protecting material, all outer device ports and control buttons are bypassed making for ease of use in every rotation, the front flap (much like that of Apple’s Smart Cover) is brushed inside for long term screen cleaning and the iPad clicks, reassuringly snugly, into the case.

It’s another thing getting your iPad out without damaging it or yourself; at first it seems nigh on impossible, with fingers getting stuck and iPads dangerously close to bending, and although it’s nice to know your iPad won’t fall out during a violent game of Angry Birds and there’s a knack you get after a bit, it can be a real nightmare to start with. To remain closed the skinny 3 relies on a flap pushed into a pocket, to its credit a secure means, but taking it out, let alone taking it out in a hurry, is tricky.

The front flap folds back to make a stand that can be used in two positions: either standing, which we found too precarious to stand up to daily usage, or sitting, which felt sturdy and safe. Once again the closing flap let the skinny 3 down, being both difficult to push in fully and pull out again. Another letdown is the look of the case: the colours are bland-they reminded us of a boring car, and the material is more like some dreaded scratchy picnic blanket than a luxurious leather to compliment your gadget.

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