Snapz Pro X 1.0 full review

Mac OS X’s screen-capture application, Grab, is serviceable, but hardly elegant, and the keyboard shortcuts in OS X 10.1 provide little control over an initial shot. OS X users who need a more-capable tool should look to Ambrosia Software’s Snapz Pro X 1.0. Snapz Pro X is native to OS X and offers many of the features found in Snapz Pro 2.0 – which ran in Mac OS 9.2 and earlier – such as capture of full screens, windows, menus, and user-defined selections, as well as the ability to capture a series of on-screen actions as a QuickTime movie. Snapz Pro X does its predecessor one better by allowing you to select multiple objects – a menu and two windows, for example – with the Object command. There’s also a new Fatbits feature that magnifies a selection and provides you with exact co-ordinates of the selected area.
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