Snapz Pro X 2


This new version of Ambrosia's screen-capture tool takes it further ahead of the competition. Apple has offered it for download - an acknowledgement perhaps that its own screen-capture application, Grab, has room for improvement. If you're in the business of creating tutorials, making training videos or producing CD-ROM products then Snapz Pro X 2 is invaluable. It lets you capture the full screen, a precise selection from the screen, objects from the screen such as windows, dialogs and menus, and even full-motion video of anything on the screen. As soon as Snapz Pro X 2 is called, the main capture palette appears, giving access to four tools. The first three - Screen, Object and Selection - are all for static-image capture. The fourth - the Movie tool - is for recording whatever is happening on-screen. The Screen tool captures the full screen. Snapz Pro X 2 is fully aware of multiple monitors. In order to capture more than the main screen, just Shift-Click inside the second screen. The object tool captures windows, menus, submenus and any other object, while the Selection tool allows the user to select any portion of the screen for capture. The Movie tool is used to record a QuickTime movie of a selected area of the screen with either a voiceover narration or whatever audio your Mac is outputting as a sound track to the movie. Preview and formats On each of the tool palettes, there's a button that can be used to show a preview of the image with the chosen settings. If unhappy with the result, just change the settings - the preview is updated on the fly. Static images can be saved in a variety of formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PICT, PNG, PSD or TIFF. Snapz Pro X 2 uses Ambrosia's Clearscale technology to scale images or movies up or down from 10 per cent to 400 per cent of the original size. The video-capture engine of Snapz Pro X was completely rewritten for Snapz Pro X 2 and should be capable of capturing large areas of the screen at a high frame-rate. That said, video capture puts a huge load on your Mac, so even with a very fast Mac, don't expect spectacular results from full-screen capture. Snapz Pro X 2 is intended to replace the built-in screen-capture capabilities in OS X, so you should leave it running all the time; the application uses next-to-no system resources when idle.
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