Sony Ericsson Clicker 1.5 full review

Sony Ericsson Clicker 1.5 transforms Bluetooth-enabled Sony Ericsson mobile phones into fully featured remote controls for Bluetooth-equipped Macs using AppleScript. I tested the application with a T68 phone. Using the pre-supplied scripts to run iTunes, DVD Player, PowerPoint and Keynote on a Mac, the software lets users flick through their presentations. It’s also possible to choose and play tracks, and check track info on my phone. The solution also lets users navigate through DVD menus, fast-forwarding between chapter markers, adjusting the volume, and pausing the film in progress. I use it at home to control DVD Player when watching movies on TV, using my Mac as a player. This version also offers a pair of System features: it’s possible to take screenshots, and even control the cursor using a mobile phone. I set my Mac up to play specific tracks in iTunes when I left the room, to the discomfiture of one colleague. Clicker combines the utility of Bluetooth with the power of AppleScript. It integrates an Action Editor, so users can create new scripts to add extra utility to it. Alternatively, there’s a host of third-party scripts for the software, including several from Apple. These add iPhoto, QuickTime Broadcaster, and Sound Studio remote-control capabilities to its existing features. First-time users may encounter problems with Bluetooth. There are two steps: making the phone Discoverable so the devices can see each other; and pairing the device with the Mac, so the two recognize each other on the personal area network. Apple’s Support Web site carries information on doing this.
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