Sound Diver full review

If you have a bunch of MIDI synthesizer keyboards and modules, and you want to get all your sounds for these properly organized, then you need a sound librarian for your Mac. Sound Diver is not only a librarian package, but also lets you edit your MIDI device’s memory patches on the “big screen” – even a humble 14-inch monitor is much larger than the tiny parameter displays you get on most MIDI devices. Sound Diver 3.0 needs a whopping 120MB of disk space, and uses an awkward CD-authorization method – the software will ask you for the CD at some point in the future to re-install the authorization. The overall design has been enhanced to fall more in line with Logic Audio 4.x. Also, several of the terms used in the software have been changed. So Memory Manager becomes Device Window, Surf! becomes Audition, and Dive becomes Edit – much more sensible. A Key Commands window, like the one in Logic, has been added and Remote control via MIDI is also provided to let you control Sound Diver from your MIDI keyboard if you prefer. While testing Sound Diver, the first thing I tried was to balance the volumes of a Yamaha DX7II dual Performance which used two slightly different Voices (patches). As I moved the Balance control in Sound Diver’s Edit Performance window, a note played repeatedly on the synthesizer so that I could hear the effect of altering the balance without having to play the keyboard with my other hand. The integration with Logic Audio is first-rate. For example, you can remotely control Logic’s transport from within Sound Diver. This lets you playback sequences from Logic while altering your synth sounds in Sound Diver for instant feedback.
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