Soundtrack Pro 1.0 full review

Soundtrack Pro 1.0 isn’t simply an updated version of Apple’s Soundtrack software. It’s a completely new application that includes audio recording, waveform editing and automated multitrack mixing along with a large library of Apple Loops. Apple Loops tagged as looping files automatically match the tempo and key of the project, making it easy to mix and match these within your project. These loops can be used to quickly assemble soundtracks for music, video or film or to add Foley effects, background ambience, sound effects, and music transitions to your projects. Soundtrack Pro also lets you edit audio files, repair field recordings, synchronize audio and video, analyze and fix common audio problems, and do creative sound design.

In the Waveform Editor you can edit down to sample level, and analyze audio files to find clicks and pops, hum and phase issues, automatically fixing problems. On the Timeline you can add and arrange audio clips, edit these, then automate volume, pan, and other changes over time using envelopes. The Mixer includes a channel strip for each track, bus, and output in the project and lets you automate a mix by recording movements you make to faders, sliders, and other onscreen controls.

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