Space Tripper full review

Like Strange Flavour, PomPom is a two-person crew that releases fun-to-play shareware at a reasonable price. And like Strange Flavour, PomPom is inspired by classic console and arcade games of time past. PomPom’s first effort on the Mac is called Space Tripper, and it’s wholly deserving of adulation. It takes the basic mechanics of that Williams coin-op-classic Defender, and mixes in a bit of modern 3D-graphics magic. Space Tripper is, on the surface, a simple side-scrolling action game that puts you in the cockpit of a spacecraft that can transform into different configurations. You collect power-ups as you zap the bad guys, avoiding pitfalls along the way. It’s a standard formula for the genre, and in this game it’s extremely well executed. On top of that, PomPom has added some modern embellishments in the form of 3D graphics rendered using OpenGL. This gives the game a modern look and enhances game play. Your craft flies over contoured surfaces and at different angles, for example. Simple changes such as this bring something new to the genre and make Space Tripper a lot of fun to play.
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