i-DS2 full review

The front of the i-DS2 from Boston Acoustics is entirely taken up by a speaker grille, and that sums this iPod speaker dock up - it’s a bare-bones stereo system for your iPod. The upside is the i-DS2 packs Boston Acoustics’ considerable audio expertise into its simple frame, and the resulting sound is superb.

The main unit comes in shiny black or white. You can also optionally choose a coloured speaker grille (at a cost of £12) to fit the unit’s look with your room.

The simple design extends to the controls - the unit has just a standby button and volume controls. The remote isn’t much better - it just offers track skipping and volume fiddling.

The sound is the unit’s main draw. It boasts 60W of power from its pair of 9cm speakers, and the cabinet design provides strong bass. Turned up loud the i-DS2 sounds great, and the sound doesn’t break up or distort. It’s a small unit, but the quality is such that it’ll suit a small lounge or bedroom.

Round the back of the unit you’ll find a video out socket for playing iPod videos on your telly, and a 3.5mm input for plugging other devices into the speaker. Boston even includes a cable in the box for the job.

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