i-XPS 120 Outdoor full review

Many iPod speaker systems are sleek and stylish, but few could survive the punishment delivered by your average music festival, family holiday, or student party. Hercules’ i-XPS 120 boasts both a rugged case and a water/dust-resistant finish that’ll happily put up with bangs and drops, sand and spilled drinks, and the vagaries of English weather.

The i-XPS 120 is a reasonably light and compact unit. Shaped like an upturned hovercraft, it looks sturdy. Two speakers surround a watertight container for your iPod, which includes a dock and is usefully spring-loaded to make inserting and removing easier. There’s an audio jack for connecting other MP3 or CD players – which is great for group events – though few will fit inside and allow you to close the water-resistant compartment.

Hercules helpfully supplied a watering can with the i-XPS 120 to test its water-resistance – and it easily survived a sustained sprinkle. The system is water-resistant – not waterproof though – and shouldn’t be used in the shower or next to a pool.

Along the top of the speaker system is a set of controls for turning the unit on, skipping between tracks and adjusting the volume. The 24W speakers are impressively loud, living up to its ‘Outdoor’ name and more than capable of entertaining a reasonably-sized picnic or beach party.

The unit’s sound quality is reasonable. It is a bit muffled – which isn’t surprising from such as robust design – but the i-XPS 120 is still good enough for most listeners on the move. There’s a ‘3D’ switch for use in small rooms, but it didn’t have much effect.

An impressive set of accessories ships with the i-XPS 120. These include a universal power supply with adaptors for the UK, US and Europe; a car adaptor; and an audio lead for connecting non-iPods. The main unit’s power input is hidden behind a rubber cover when used outdoors (powered by four C-sized batteries).

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