Intempo InSession review

Intempo has always tended to aim its iPod speaker systems at the more ‘affordable’ end of the market. However, with the new InSession speakers, the company is starting to aim its sights a little higher.

The actual speaker panel is just 4.5cm thick, but the base of the unit is twice that depth as the dock unit protrudes out in front of the speakers. It’s just about small and light enough to slip into a backpack, but it only runs off mains power so it’s not the most portable of speaker systems.

It does, however, pump out a much better sound than previous Intempo units. The InSession is almost twice the price of the older iDS01 for example, but its 25W output is also twice as powerful as the iDS01. The most important difference, though, is the 2.5in subwoofer tucked away on the back of the speaker. This produces a punchier bass sound than the iDS01.

The remote control unit supplied with the speakers has separate controls for treble and bass, and there’s even a USB port so that you can sync your iPod to your computer without taking it out of the dock.


It’s good to see Intempo getting more ambitious with its speaker systems. The InSession isn’t quite powerful enough for a full-scale house party, but it’s a good choice if you just want a neat iPod speaker for listening to music at home.

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