iTeufel full review

The iTeufel from Teufelis a curious product - take the main unit out of the box and it looks like a rather average mini iPod speaker. Reach into the box again though, and you’ll find a rather massive subwoofer. Coupled with a £251 price tag, we’re not exactly sure what to make of the whole thing.

The main unit looks a bit plasticky, with a curvy shiny white shell (it’s also available in black). However, the dial on the front is very cool when the system is turned on. It has a blue light that indicates the volume level, and if you push it in and turn it the blue light indicates the bass level. The cool blue light is a smart touch on an otherwise drab shell, and looks very appealing.

The sound takes some setting up - the instruction manual tells you to turn the bass volume knob on the subwoofer to the maximum and use the blue dial to tweak, but we got much better results with the woofer turned down. It took us some trial and error before we hit upon a sound we liked. The huge bass coupled with small speakers mean it’s quite hard to find a happy medium, and the overall sound suffers from a weak midrange.

We also found varying quality depending on the music - it handles rock and indie pretty well, but dance music and sparser sounds highlight the unit’s weaknesses.

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