Logitech’s mm28 speaker system was actually designed with portable MP3 players in mind, but its unusual design makes it a good choice for laptop users as well.

Instead of two separate stereo speakers, the mm28 uses a compact and lightweight flat-panel design that makes it extremely portable. It measures less than 1.5in thick, so it can easily fit into a briefcase alongside your laptop, or into a pocket on a backpack.


The sound quality is pretty good too, although it doesn’t have the sheer power of the more expensive Boomtube. Even so, it’s more than loud enough for presentations or for playing some tunes outdoors. The mm28 can run off the mains, but there’s one other advantage to its flat-panel design. It can run for up to 45 hours on just four AA batteries – so you really can rock and roll all night with this one.

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