Nimzy Vibro Max Review

The Nimzy Vibro Max isn’t your conventional speaker. The stylish box – a little smaller than a Rubik’s Cube – doesn’t make a lot of noise by itself. Instead, it turns whatever you put it on into a speaker by transforming your tunes into mechanical vibrations.

Sadly, regardless of where you put it, you’ll only marginally beat the quality of your Mac’s built-in speakers – although it will play your music a bit louder. The Loudness Switch on the included remote control boosts the bass and treble, but it’s tinny and often distorted – and at high volumes it actually caused the unit to vibrate its way across the desk.


The Nimzy’s virtue is its tiny footprint and easy portability. However, you can’t run it with batteries – you have to plug it into the mains. So, what could be a handy option for taking on the road with your MacBook becomes a hassle of wires and plugs.

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