Sound Pillow full review

Many like to drift off to sleep listening to music – but none of us like being woken up later by an entertainment system blaring from across the room. Not every such system has a timer, though most bedroom-focused iPod-based systems let you set a duration for music playback.

The Sound Pillow is a soft pillow with built-in speakers. If you’re lucky enough to share a bed with someone else, you probably ought to spare a thought for them. Do they really want to go to sleep to the sound of Hot Chip, Muse or Einstürzende Neubauten? These pillows ensure that only you can hear the music you want to listen to when your head hits the pillow – your partner won’t hear a thing. When the playlist ends, so does the sound.

Sound Pillow looks just like any other soft polyester pillow, except for the 2m-long 3.5mm minijack cable coming out the side. You can connect this to the headphone jack on an iPod, radio, CD player, or any other device, as long as it it’s compatible with the 3.5mm jack.

Sensorcom is offering two sizes of Sound Pillow: small and large. The small version (180mm square) hosts a single speaker and costs £17.50. It’s designed for people who like a pillow with them when they are on a train or plane. The larger version is a standard size, 620 x 460mm (£25). This hosts a pair of stereo speakers. We tested the latter model with our iPod.

Listening to music last thing at night is nice, but for many there’s therapeutic reasons to do so. Some tinnitus sufferers benefit from low-level background noise, which has the effect of minimising their hearing disorder. While it doesn’t work for everyone, such background noise is often prescribed by audiologists. Music or relaxation tracks can also help insomniacs.

The system is easy to use – it really is just plug-and-play. Once the iPod is connected and you’ve selected your choice of playlist, you’ll hear the music at low volume through the pillow. It’s quite a nice sensation to feel a bass beat near your cheek as you lie down to sleep. We punched the pillow around a little, and it continued to work. You have to make a determined effort to find the speakers in the pillow, as they are extremely well-padded for protection. We were a little concerned by the length of the cable though, as restless sleepers could tangle themselves up.

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