Soundtraveller K3000ST full review

Perfect for taking on holiday with you, the Soundtraveller K3000ST will give you something to write home about. It’s no bigger than a spectacle case, yet offers sound that’s easily good enough for playing in a tent or hostel room. If space is a premium, you can’t get much smaller or better than this.

At £65 it’s not a throwaway gadget, but it’s robust and sturdy, and comes supplied with a tough plastic carrying case – which also has compartments for spare batteries and the power cables.

The unit impresses as soon as you get it out of the box. Crack open the carrying case and you’ll find a well-finished speaker, with a top-mounted iPod dock. The manufacturer has provided a rubber dust cover for the dock connector to keep it clean and undamaged.

The main body of the unit also has a rubbery feel to it, with rubber feet on the bottom so you can stand it where you want. The feet are possibly a bit too big and squidgy, so it can feel a bit wobbly – but at least it won’t slide about too much.

The unit pumps out a surprising 6W of power, and – considering the miniscule proportions – sound quality is pretty good. It’s tinny, and there’s no stereo separation (the speakers are about two inches apart after all), but if you’re a backpacker who can’t face leaving your music collection behind for the course of your trip, then it’s well worth the investment.

The controls are all on the back of the unit, which is only slightly awkward – the back isn’t exactly far from the front, and at least it leaves the whole of the front free for the speakers. On the back there’s a slider switch to turn it on and off, and rubber volume switches. Connectivity ports are also on the back. The K3000ST boasts a 3.5mm input, so you can play anything with a headphone jack – perfect for impromptu beach sing-songs with random travelling companions.

The unit also has a power socket, and comes supplied with a USB cable. This allows you to power the speakers without batteries, and charges the iPod if it’s plugged in.

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