Targus Speaker Book full review

The result of a 90s MOD research laboratory experiment, the Targus Speaker Book was born out of trying to reduce noise levels in aircraft cabins. Unfortunately, the researchers ended up just making more noise than before they started. However, this accident led to a speaker technology that would eventually see the light of day under the name ‘NXT’, which uses a small ‘exciter’ to vibrate a flat panel such as a piece of plastic or card.

Scroll forward a decade and the technology never really took off.

However, NXT can work, even in relatively small panels such as the Targus Speaker Book. Standing only 130mm high, this folding design is powered by either four AAA batteries or a laptop’s USB port. Audio is fed in through a 3.5mm jack socket, accessible when the ‘book’ is opened, with a volume thumbwheel just above.

Sound quality is impressive for the size – we weren’t expecting much bass so weren’t disappointed. But you do get clear and open sound that is slightly delocalised from the two panels – a signature of the NXT sound. The stereo soundfield is not exactly huge but the overall effect is adequate enough to allow for music playback that is both louder and clearer than you’d expect. And that’s all we’re asking for from travel speakers such as the Targus Speaker Book.

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