Travel speakers for iPod and iPhone


You can’t fail to get excited when the weather people hint that we’re in for a decent summer. With all that glorious sunshine out there to tempt you, it’s definitely time to grab your iPod and head for the great outdoors.

But it’s not a time for headphones. You need a speaker system for socialising and listening on the beach, by the pool, or in the park.

There’s an abundance of travel speaker models for taking your tunes out and about, and we’ve hand-picked half a dozen of these to put through their paces; smaller personal systems and more extensively-featured products designed to help you tote your iTunes collection.

In general, we’re looking at cost, portability, economy and, of course, great sound. You don’t want to take a £100 system out with you to a festival site, for example - it may get damp, nicked or drowned in mud.

But this compromise on cost doesn’t mean you want lousy music playback. We’re looking for the best value portable system for people who want their music in the caravan, on the beach, on a picnic or late at night on a festival site. What did we find? Read on...

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