Voix MPX & MPY full review

There's no denying the impressive design of the Voix MPX & MPY speaker system. Standing just over a metre tall and cast in a glossy black plastic, the system will make an impressive addition to any lounge.

The Voix MPX & MPY comprises two tower speakers and a subwoofer. The main speaker (the MPX) features auxiliary left and right input jacks, plus matching output jacks, a speaker wire connection to the MPR, plus a separate output jack for the subwoofer. Where it gets interesting is the top of the MPX, which flips up to reveal an integrated iPod dock.

Oddly, the other speaker has its own separate name (the MPY) and this acts as a standalone stereo accompaniment. The MPX speaker can also work on its own, binding the two channels together - although it's clearly better to use both together.

Both of the speakers sport four 2in woofers and a 1in tweeter and Voix claim output of 54w. They're easily enough to fill a room and the sound is nothing short of stunning. Indeed, for the price, this offers perhaps the best sound of any system on the market.

While they may cost £50 more than Apple's iPod Hi-Fi, they're certainly more impressive. With its glossy black finish the Voix system is a looker and - like Ferguson's FH007 system - the two speakers could easily sit on either side of a widescreen television and complete your home system. They're not as spectacular to look at as the Ferguson speakers, but they're two thirds of the price and have an integrated iPod dock, giving them a practical edge. The only thing they lack is an optical input socket, which is a slight damper for anybody owning an Apple TV.

The subwoofer (the DX2) is sold separately for a rather high £129.99, which does push up the price substantially. And it's only really necessary if you're a fan of booming bass music.

We must admit that setting up the Voix MPX turned out to be a bit of a bind. You need to use screws to attach the base to the speakers and they're not exactly portable. But if you're looking for a permanent set of speakers for your digital lounge, you needn't look any further.

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