Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case full review

Perhaps the biggest question about the Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case is why would you want to encase your beautiful Mac laptop in plastic. The answer in this occasion is in the question – if you want to keep your Mac laptop beautiful then encase it in plastic. The plastic case won't stop your laptop breaking if you throw it out of a window, but it will stop it from getting scratched and roughed up in your bag when you carry it to-and-fro from work or university. And why keep scratches at bay? Because your laptop might eventually make you a bit of money on eBay if it's had one careful owner.  Put a Speck case on your MacBook Pro and in a year or so, when Apple brings out the next generation you can sell your current Mac and subsidise your new purchase. Hopefully you'll make more than the £40 price of the Speck case.

The Speck SeeThru Hard Shell case was simple to attach to our 13in aluminium MacBook. Taking it off again was not such a simple operation however, we almost resorted to snapping it, but with a bit of patience we got it off again. Speck itself recommends that you take the case off from time to time to wipe the Mac, so the case is clearly supposed to come off.

Just how much of an imposition is it to have the Speck case on your Mac? It certainly makes it heavier and it adds quite a bit of extra bulk, but given the fact that the one we tried was clear plastic (you can opt for different colours) it didn't detract too much from the aesthetics of the machine. Incidentally, if you want to personalise your MacBook what better way than to turn it pink. It'll certainly stand out from all the other MacBooks in Starbucks.

We don't know how long we'll keep the case on our MacBook. If we were carrying it around with us every day we'd see the relevance, but this MacBook rarely moves so the case is probably over kill.

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