Splashpath - Swimming app! Love to swim and improve your fitness full review

The iPhone, like the iPod it supplanted, is the perfect tool for exercise buffs. Runners have long known about the joys of using an iPhone; and now swimmers can get in on the act with a rather nifty app called Splashpath.

Of course, you may not want to take your iPhone in the pool itself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it to track information on your swims.  The app enables you to record how far you’ve swum by tracking the number of lengths against the length of each pool.

That’s what’s really cool about Splashpath. It doesn’t just track your swims randomly, it features a complete database of just about every pool in the UK (no data on pools in the US, or Europe, we’re afraid). You can check your local pool using the online web service (http://www.splashpath.com). It seems to have a pretty comprehensive list of both public and private swimming pools; we found all the pools we’re aware of, and a few that we didn’t know existed in London.

The app uses location services (or you can manually search) to locate nearby pools. And you can use this to get timetables, activity, location (using Google Maps) and facilities (pool length, sunbeds, crèches, and so on). You can also call the pool directly from the app, although oddly we didn’t find information on any associated websites in any of the pools.

You can add pools to a list of favourites, and record your swims at those pools. It uses the length of the pool to record your overall swimming progress (in metres) and you can use this to complete in-app challenges. These go in increasing length from swimming across Loch Ness to swimming across the Nile (you can even swim from Alactraz to the shore). The lengths you rack up all go towards completing your challenge.

Another neat feature is the built in social networking of the app, you can share your swims with other swimmers in the app. You can even take a snapshot of yourself, and add your personal info to the app—or you can share it via FaceBook.

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