Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic full review

Knights of the Old Republic takes place 4,000 years before Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker enter the picture. The Sith, Star Wars’ resident bad guys, are waging war against the Jedi Knights, protectors of the Republic and all-around hero types.

At the game’s opening, you’re sent to rescue a captured Jedi warrior, who then recognizes your potential as a Jedi pupil. Eventually, you’ll be initiated into the Jedi, where you’ll learn offensive and defensive skills that help you tap into the Force.

What you do with your power is up to you. Your alignment with the light or the dark side is mainly determined by your actions – the way you speak with nonplayer characters, the decisions you make, and the quests you pursue. All these things have a profound impact on whether you ultimately become good or evil.

Although Knights of the Old Republic is a single-player game, you’ll meet AI characters who can join you. You control each of these individually, so you can use each of their unique skills to complete the task.

The game includes plenty of combat, which combines the turn-based strategy of an RPG with the real-time action you’d expect of a fully 3D game. When your party encounters an enemy, the action pauses so you can tell them what actions to take. Combat proceeds until one side has won or until you issue new orders.

Aspyr has set the game’s system requirements rather high. Thanks to some nifty graphical effects, the game requires Panther or later and at least a 1GHz machine.

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