STM Jacket full review

We're quickly discovering that iPad cases come in two forms. There's the iPhone case blown up, and the laptop case shrunk down. This offering from STM is firmly in the latter camp. The STM Jacket iPad is a laptop bag but of iPad proportions.

That's no bad thing either. The great thing about the iPad is that enables you to perform much of the function of a MacBook without having to carry around the weight, so why put it in a traditionally huge laptop bag? Instead you get to carry it around in a  bag that's the right size for the device.

STM haven't cut corners on quality either. The Jacket iPad shows its usual quality with nice padded innards and solid water-resistant outer fabric. It's more drop-proof than any other case we've tested.

The STM JAcket also has two zippered pockets on the front, one for the power socket and another for the iPhone. On the other side of the bag is an open pocket for anything you might want to pop in while out and about.

There's a handle on one side of the bag, and a strap can be attached to it. In fact, there's only one problem with the STM Jacket and that's the small stature. In makes the iPad bag look somewhat "manbag-ish," which some people might not take to. But in terms of practicality and portability it's hard to beat.

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