FreeAgent Go for Mac full review

This is the first time Seagate has designed a product specifically for the Mac, and it’s come up with a real winner. The FreeAgent Go For Mac is slim and light, with a neat silver and white trim that complements your Mac. It provides 320GB of storage (250GB is also available) pre-formatted for Macs so there’s no need to reformat it.

More importantly, the FreeAgent Go is one of the few portable drives to include both USB 2.0 and high-speed FireWire 800 interfaces. The latter enables it to completely outperform all its rivals – taking just 44 seconds to copy our 2GB batch of test files. It also includes an adaptor for the FireWire 400 interface used on less expensive Mac models such as the old MacBook and Mac mini (which took 76 seconds).

The knockout blow is the little dock unit with a FireWire 800 connector that lets you slot the drive into the dock for instant connection to your Mac. If your Mac doesn’t have FireWire 800 you can buy the PC version of the FreeAgent Go with just a USB 2.0 interface and no dock for about £20 less.

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