Iomega StorCenter ix2 full review

Iomega seems to have been concentrating on its eye-catching eGo portable drives in recent months, but it’s turned its attention back to the business market with the StorCenter ix2.

There are two versions of the StorCenter available. We tested the 2TB model, which includes two 1TB drives and costs £317, but there’s also a 1TB model that contains two separate 500GB drives, for £229. These prices are comparable to similar models from rival manufacturers, so the StorCenter represents good value for money. However, the twin drives only support RAID 1 mirroring, and there’s no RAID 0 option, which some people might want.

Setting the drive up is fairly straightforward. You just plug in its power supply and use the Gigabit Ethernet port to connect it to your network. The drive also has two USB ports on the back, which can be used to connect additional hard drives, or set up a shared printer on your network.

We had no trouble getting started. The StorCenter automatically showed up as a shared device on our network as soon as we connected it. You can then configure various additional settings by using Safari to open the drive’s web browser interface.

We did have two complaints, though. The first is that the drive’s internal fan is a bit louder than we’d have liked; you won’t want it sitting next to you while you’re working. We also found that the manual included on CD did a poor job of explaining some of the drive’s more advanced features. We initially struggled to turn off the RAID 1 option, and couldn’t find an explanation of the ‘remote access’ feature that allows you to connect to the StorCentre across the internet.

A call to Iomega’s head office did help us out. However, their comment that “this is a professional product, and we expect professional users to understand these features” didn’t strike us as terribly helpful – especially as Iomega’s website specifically states that the StorCenter is aimed at home workers and small businesses who may not have trained IT staff to help them.

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