Little Disk full review

Like all LaCie products, the Little Disk is attractively designed and does a good job of catering to Mac users. The glossy black case is slim, yet solidly built and provides 320GB storage (a 250GB model is also available). There’s an extending USB cable that can be pulled out for easy access, and two FireWire 400 ports that allow you to ‘daisychain’ the drive with other FireWire drives if you need to.

The drive’s performance is very respectable – 76 seconds to complete our backup test with the FireWire port and 90 seconds for USB. When you connect it to your Mac the LaCie Setup program launches automatically and helps you to format the drive for either a Mac or PC as required – it even lets you partition the drive with separate partitions in both Mac and PC formats so you can use the drive with either type of computer.

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