Western Digital My Book World Edition full review

You and your family have a lot of media files; digital photo albums, thousands of MP3s, and hundreds of video clips are stored on your many hard drives. What if there was a way you could store them all in one place and share them with everyone in the family? That’s just what a home media server such as Western Digital’s My Book World Edition intends to do. Ideally suited for home networks, the My Book World is a simple, intuitive, and great introductory model for home users.

The My Book World Edition’s marketing materials stress its simplicity and its instruction menu reflects an “easy-to-use” approach. The instructions simply tell you how to hook up the My Book World Edition to your network router via Ethernet and your router to your computer.

During the setup, I was eventually able to detect the My Book on our lab’s network, but it did not initially mount on my Mac’s desktop. I was able to access the My Book through Bonjour, and the My Book’s folders then appeared as network devices on our Mac. Just like other home media servers we’ve reviewed, by altering your Finder preferences, the folders can then appear on your desktop.

The My Book has the most streamlined interface of the media servers we’ve reviewed. While others have interactive desktop-based programs, the My Book doesn’t come with desktop-based software. Instead, you configure the server through a Web browser. The server appears as a network device, and you can access the video, music, and pictures folders as you would those on a typical network server in OS X. Anything dropped in the music folder automatically appears as shareable in iTunes, and anything dropped in any of the folders is DLNA ready.

If the 1TB of storage space isn’t enough, you can use the USB port on the back to attach an external drive to augment the capacity of the server. It can also be used to directly connect to your computer if you’d prefer to treat the My Book World simply as an external hard drive.

NEXT: Western Digital is working on Time Machine compatibility

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