Super Hexagon full review

It's very easy to get into a trance when playing Super Hexagon. Not an altogether unpleasant one, but the techno music, flashing retro graphics and intense focus required send you into a loop of constant restarting, and it's very easy to plan on a quick go, then look up bleary eyed to see that you've been staring at your screen for an hour, and have ended up back at the bus depot. It should come with a warning about not playing it on public transport.

The gameplay and presentation is simplicity itself. The titular Super Hexagon is always at the centre of the screen, and other geometric wireframe shapes are constantly being sucked into it. You play a tiny arrow on the edge of the hexagon, and it's your role in proceedings to rotate around the centre to ensure that you're never crushed by the incoming shapes. It sounds easy, and perhaps a little svelte when I point out that you only need to stay alive for a minute or so to unlock the 3 extra levels. That's misleading – the twitchy gameplay is so difficult that staying alive for those 60 seconds becomes your own personal Everest. Albeit this mountain has a soundtrack that will get stuck in your head.

You can download Super Hexagon for iPad and iPhone from the App Store here

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