Swann USB Mini Mouse full review

Some Macintosh users are enormous, with dirty-great hams like shovels. Others can tread water in a test tube, and have tiny little doll’s hands. So, why is computer hardware always one-size-fits-all? Actually, it isn’t: the Swann USB Mini Mouse is the exception that proves the rule. The Mini Mouse is pitched at adults "with smaller hands", and at parents with computer-using offspring. It’s about three-fifths the size of traditional mice. Macworld’s receptionist Laura has delicate little hands and she loved it. So there we are. The Mini Mouse is also designed for use with USB-equipped PowerBooks or iBooks, and comes in the full range of iMac colours. That it isn’t designed for average-sized users, like me, was soon obvious: it was like using a Matchbox car to navigate around the desktop. The real headache with the Mini Mouse is installing the software for its brace of programmable buttons. The box directs you towards Swann’s Web site, from where you can download USB Overdrive – generic software for programmable input devices. It’s free and it works. However, it kept insisting that I input some non-existent serial number – and flashes a reminder at me on every startup. Extremely irritating. If you have no Internet access, you have to ask the distributor to supply the software on a CD. Good luck.
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