Tektronix Phaser 850 full review

Tektronix has updated its Phaser range with a faster A4 model, the Phaser 850. It improves on speed and is now the fastest A4-page printer in the world – achieving a blistering 14 colour-pages per minute. Tektronix has done something no other company has been able to: give away free black ink. This makes it economical to use the colour printer for all office printing. If you are familiar with the Phaser 840, the 850 holds no real surprises. It uses the same solid-ink technology – which enables faster colour than any laser-based colour printer. The secret is a quick first page to print. Laser printers must spend time warming a fuser wire before a page can be printed. The solid-ink technology uses a chamber that is always kept full of hot ink, as soon as you need to, it is ready to print. The quality of image is unrivalled by any printer in its class, the ink giving everything a glossy-magazine look. A thinner layer of ink is used than in previous models, making it easier to write on – although writing on a full-colour image is still next to impossible due to the waxy ink. In most offices this is not an issue – but it always raises the hackles of our production staff, who need to write corrections on glossy pages (Too bloody right – ed). The 850 comes with 10/100BaseT ethernet and USB right out of the box, so it will work with any Mac. It is stuffed with features – such as duplex and extensive print- and ink-management control, including remote management via TCP/IP.
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