Instant: The Polaroid Maker - ThinkTime Creations LLC full review

The retro craze for digital images continues unabated with this homage to the classic Polaroid format.

Clearly in the same kind of territory as Analog, Instant: The Polaroid Maker has a number of advantages.

The first is that instant of a standard interface there’s a giant Polaroid camera on your desktop. Just drag a photo onto it to start the fun. Images can be rotated and first need to be cropped to the square format. The Polaroid print pops out the bottom and starts developing as you watch. Clicking on the Settings icon reveals that there are in fact more than just Polaroid effects, but vintage ones as well, with some 30 filters on offer.

To go with them there’s an Intensity slider, a control for Vignette and a slider for emulsion-scraping damage. Plus, the photo can be made more out-of-focus and have grain added. There’s more too with the provision of a great range of really funky looking hand-written font types to scrawl on the bottom of the print. 

There are 10 classic Polaroid styles plus 20 other film filters with lots of control over how it all looks


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