TidySongs full review

Over time your digital audio collection can get in a bit of a state. That’s especially true if you buy your tunes from multiple sources, rip CDs and, ahem, ‘borrow’ the occasional song from a friend’s collection. TidySongs is full of features to redress that big old mess.

Install the application and launch it alongside iTunes. It imports your library and offers up several options. The first on the menu is a scan for album artwork. Unusually, TidySongs does this by connecting to Amazon rather than the usual open-source databases or Gracenote. It seems to work, though. Next in the list, you can scan for and remove duplicates. This is a boon for iTunes users, who can’t easily remove duplicates.

The third feature in the list is TidySongs’ most impressive. Fix Songs scans the metadata embedded in your tunes and compares it with its own database. It fills in missing details, corrects misspellings and will even resequence album tracks into the right order. Finally, the program has a very handy Organise Genre feature. We found this particularly useful with some Beatles tunes that had been labelled with titles from a US viewpoint, such as ‘British Invasion’.

Each of TidySongs’ main features is highly configurable through preferences.

For everyday use, you just need to select the option you want and let the application chew slowly through your library. As it works, it provides valuable feedback on what it’s doing, including a certainty percentage for any corrections it’s making.

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