TombRaider IV: The Last Revelation full review

OK, so I haven’t managed to finish TombRaiders I, II or III yet, but I blame this on annoying time-wasting – such as work. Anyway, I will complete this latest – and possibly the last – Tomb Raider adventure from Eidos an Core Design.

The Last Revelation takes Lara back to Egypt and the tombs of the Pharohs. Many of the puzzles are based on the myths and legends of ancient-Egyptian civilization.

The scenery is excellently crafted, and the camera angles are more film-style than merely side or front view. The cameras swishing around Lara give a spooky sense of theatre. The overall gaming experience is intense, fast and never has a dull moment – except when you’re forced to listen to the boring Von Croy during the training level.

Remember to hunt everywhere for secrets before heading onwards in a rush. Some secrets are vital later on in the game. However, the more secrets you find, the more difficult the game gets. Many of the items Lara discovers can be combined and then used to start-up vehicles or to unlock doors and solve puzzles.

The game begins with a flashback to Lara as a young girl – with pigtails – accompanying thr famous professor Von Croy on a trip to Cambodia in 1984. As the two explore a temple, Lara receives her adventurers training. Even if you’re not a first-time player, this training level introduces some new moves which will be needed later in the game, such as rope swinging. However, it doesn’t cover all the new moves, such as pole climbing and jumping to pull switches in mid-air. There’s no practice for any of the vehicles, such as the Nitro-powered motor bike used later in the game.

Lara can now shimmy around corners while hanging from a ledge now – this will ease players’ frustration no end. She can also drag and push objects other than blocks, such as large ornamental vases, not just square objects of previous versions. And, she can now shoot at objects to acquire power-ups or solve puzzles.

Levers are more complicated in the Last Revelation – they come in all shapes and sizes, requiring a little more thought and handling skill to manipulate. Core Design has also added new weapons and an easier-to-use inventory.

As per usual with the TombRaider games, you can find multitudes of extra information on gamer’s Web sites – such as complete game and level-by-level walkthroughs, cheats, tricks, level skips, unlimited ammo and weapons, and biographies from the previous game versions. If you discover any cheats of your own let us know on the Macworld Forum .

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