Total Immersion Racing full review

Total Immersion Racing puts you behind the wheels of more than a dozen real-world, licensed racing cars – including models by Audi, BMW and McLaren – as you climb your way to the top of the GT-racing circuit. Your career takes you to some of the best-known tracks in the world, as well as a few imaginary tracks. But you’ll need to win – and keep winning – to unlock all of the cars and tracks.

Total Immersion Racing is more of an arcade game than a simulation; the physics engine will probably disappoint purists. Despite an extensive setup process, my cars responded with unrealistic ease. This did make them more manageable, however.

The game’s AI is uncommonly good. The drivers in other cars actually remember when you cut them off – or drive them off the road completely – and they’ll take you to task for such behaviour. This is a nifty way of making sure that you drive as carefully as you can. The game also does a beautiful job of rendering cars. Each vehicle glistens in the sunlight and kicks up realistic track dust.

The game doesn’t support online competition – network latency is a killer in such fast-paced games – but it does let you go head-to-head against someone seated at the Mac beside you.

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