If you have an iSight or any other FireWire webcam, ToySight may be of interest. It forgoes keyboard or mouse control and uses the camera to allow gesture control. When you start the application you're asked to move out of the camera's view. This allows ToySight to know what's you and what is background. Then, standing about four feet from the camera, you're set to control the app. ToySight is a collection of nine games and a couple of visual toys. If you're after a shoot 'em up then you'll be disappointed. These games are generally simple and kid-friendly. Lets face it, how many adults are going to be leaping around in front of a camera to play a game, even in the privacy of their own home? ToySight is for the kids. Most of the games use sliders to control something on the screen. You hold your hands up to operate the sliders, controlling anything from the flapping of wings in the Owl and the Pussycat game, to the trajectory of a skydiver in FreeFall. Be warned – your arms will get tired, and you will look stupid, but I suspect kids will love it. Perhaps it's my prudish nature, but I can only imagine a group of adults playing this for any length of time they're well tanked up. The toys are also ideal for parties because they employ the same motion sensing technology to make visuals appear on screen. I'm sure hip clubs will employ it before long. Suffice to say, should you find yourself in an altered state due to imbibing the wrong kind of mushrooms, the party mode will supply endless amusement.


There's no getting away from the fact that ToySight is a novelty, but it is fun. It isn't going to appeal to hardcore gamers (see Halo above), but kids will love it and grownups will have some goofy fun with it. It isn't the kind of game that will keep the kids quiet, but it might give them some exercise.

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