Transporter full review

Aladdin Systems, maker of Stuffit Deluxe and Drop Stuff, has released Transporter – a basic scripting utility that enables users to create custom drop-box applications. In other words, it’s a simple tool to create small stand-alone programs. In these days of fast communication and even faster deadlines, Transporter lets you can create programs that speed up complicated tasks. When first launched, Transporter displays a daunting blank window. You have to click on the functions that you’d like the application to perform – such as creating a new folder, expanding an archive, moving items, mounting a disk image, or playing a movie. You then fill in the required parameters for these functions – telling the application what to do when it is run. Click on the Make Transporter button and you’re ready to distribute your masterpiece to the world. For instance, I created a document to aloow colleagues to upload a file easily. It compresses and uploads a file, displays a message to say that the file has been uploaded and sends an email to me. All by drag-&-dropping a file. This function is a bonus for people who have control over FTP servers and are fed up with having to recite, parrot fashion, what the password is for the FTP server. System administrators can now create a drop box and send it to all of their users. Once I’d done this though, I found little else to do with Transporter, it has a limited life span. I would’ve liked to be able to create cross-platform executables to enable PC users to benefit from the ease of use so many of them miss out on. Also, if you’re looking to create Earth-shatteringly good-looking applications, then you will be sorely disappointed. Ideally, there should be more features present in this application. Many things have been overlooked – for instance, creating a script that performs at a time of day or night.
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