TRV22 DV full review

Sony has a number of new TRV models, all sporting the same chassis design, and the TRV22 is superseded in the range only by the TRV33. The TRV22 boasts a 10x optical zoom (120x digital), 0.8-megapixel CCD, USB and DV (in and out) ports, Memory Stick, Carl Zeiss lens, colour viewfinder, 2.5-inch LCD, external mic jack and analogue AV recording. The TRV22 build-quality is excellent, and the camcorder feels assuredly sturdy in use. The specifications are on a par with other manufacturers’ efforts in the price range, but what gives this camera a slight edge is the manner in which it performs said tasks. Touch-screen LCD
Flip out the LCD screen to get to the usual bank of buttons and switches, and there aren’t any! The TRV22 features a touch-screen LCD menu system that’s both simple and intuitive to use. An 8MB Memory Stick card is provided for stills images and MPEG recording. Sadly, stills images have a very conservative resolution of 640-x-480 pixels (0.3 megapixels). However, more impressively, the TRV22 can take frames from shot video footage on tape and convert them to still images on the Memory Stick. Still images can also be recorded to memory while simultaneously recording video footage to tape. The camcorder worked flawlessly with Apple’s iMovie and Final Cut Pro and Express, and iPhoto grabbed stills from the Memory Stick as it would any other DSC device.
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