AluRack full review

Just Mobile's AluRack is a rear storage solution that makes it possible to hook a MacBook onto the back of an iMac or Thunderbolt Display.

It's compatible with the complete range of MacBooks, from the MacBook Air to the now discontinued 17in MacBook Pro. You can hook it to the back of the latest iMacs, as well as older iMacs, Apple's Cinema Display or the 27in Thunderbolt Display.

It may be tucked away behind your display, but that doesn't mean that Just Mobile hasn't made design a priority. The AluRack is crafted from shiny aluminum to match Apple's own designs.

There are a number of reasons why you might want to hide your laptop away. Perhaps you have limited desk space. Maybe you like to keep your desk tidy. Or just turning your Apple display into an all-in-one Mac might appeal. You would be giving up a second screen, and it is dependent on your owning an Apple display, however. Personally, we found it hard to give up the second screen that our external screen offers when using our MacBook Pro, although with space at a premium on our desk, maybe we could learn to live with it.

The other issue was the fact that the fans kicked in on our MacBook Pro when it was hooked onto the AluRack. We discovered that one way to overcome this was to turn the laptop upside down, so that the cooling vents are at the top. To be honest the overheating issue is one we face even when the laptop isn't hooked to the back of the monitor. 

Mounting the AluRack to the back of your monitor is simple. It's a two-piece assembly with one solid piece of curved aluminum and a plastic mounting bracket. The two pieces of the AluRack screw together through the hole in the stand of your iMac or display.

The plastic ensures that the aluminum AluRack won't scratch your monitor. It sits flush against the back of the iMac or display's stand.  

Then all that is left to do is route the appropriate cables through the base the AluRack.

It's robust enough to support a weighty 17in MacBook Pro and a practical solution for attaching an external hard drive to the back of an iMac – although at £49.95 it may cost almost as much as your hard drive. 

It's a great solution for claiming back desk space and we like the Apple-like aluminium design, our main concern is the high price, but it may be worth it if you are the kind of person who obsesses over how clean your desk is. 

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