U2 iPod Special Edition

Apple continues its ‘unique’ partnership with U2 in the form of this new 30GB video iPod, which replaces the original 20GB U2 iPod introduced in 2004. The band-branded music player is now fully encased in black, front and back, and still sports the distinctive red click wheel and band signatures engraved on the reverse. It’s otherwise identical to the current 30GB iPod, but for some reason (the cost of engraving?) Apple has decided to charge U2 fans an extra £20.

The U2 iPod has everything its non-branded siblings do: music and video playback, a calendar, screen lock, games, notes function, alarm clock, and so on. It connects to a Mac or a Windows PC using a USB 2.0 cable.

With all this in mind, there are only two types of people who’ll choose to spend the extra £20 to get this limited edition U2 iPod: die-hard U2 fans, and those who just want a more distinctive-looking iPod.

The previous U2 iPod came with a U2 poster and a £40 voucher that was redeemable against the purchase of The Complete U2, a £140 collection of 446 songs. The collection includes 100 hard-to-find and 25 unreleased tracks, capturing the band’s 28-year career. That collection is still available on iTunes and now costs £120, but fans buying the new U2 iPod no longer get the discount.

Instead, they receive a voucher that entitles them to a free iTunes download of a 33-minute Love U2 video collection. This features greatest hits moments from the band’s video back catalogue, interviews and selected live footage from several of the band’s tours. While it’s a nice extra, we’re not convinced it will mean as much to fans as the discount coupon against the music collection did.


For most people the decision will come down to the price and how much they love U2. If you’re a fan and like to collect anything associated with the band, you probably already own the older U2 iPod. If you’ve considered upgrading to a video-enabled player, then this is for you. If you are a fan that doesn’t own an iPod, then for an extra £20 you get a free video, a distinctive colour scheme and the band’s signatures on the back of the device. If you aren’t a particular fan of the band you’ll need to consider if an iPod that looks a bit different is worth an extra £20.

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