Unitrap Mouse full review

The ergonomic Unitrap mouse cover disguises the shape of your ‘hamburger-like’ mouse so that it resembles a traditional mouse. All you do is carefully snap off the two blue plastic pieces on the side of the blue/white mouse, slip the Unitrap shell over the top, and snap it into place. The style of plastic used to make the mouse, matches the iMac and the blue-&-white G3’s style, preventing the UniTrap looking too alien to the new Macs – as some third-party iMac extras do. A selection of coloured buttons are also included to match your flavoured iMac. You can click on different coloured button every day, if you’re so inclined. Snap-on strawberry-, blueberry-, tangerine-, lime- or grape-coloured buttons come with the basic cover – letting you swap them around to your hearts content. Once fitted over the original round mouse, the light add-on cover is smooth to touch and comfortable to use. The larger button section increases control and, although the original round mouse is completely covered up, this does not increase the width of the mouse. The mouse and cover are a little heavier to move, although those of us with larger hands will find it much more comfortable to manipulate than the small round mouse.
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