USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner full review

At first I thought it a joke, like some prop from a space comedy set 30 years in the future, but as it transpires, Oy-Oy’s USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner serves a very real purpose. According to recent reports, the average office desk holds more bacteria than a toilet, with all that disgusting hubris resulting from quick lunches and scarce cleaning.

The Mini Vacuum Cleaner is very easy to use. You plug it in to a USB port on your computer and it starts sucking. It comes with two cleaning attachments – a bristle brush for cleaning monitors and general desktop dirt, and a pliable plastic sleeve-nozzle for reaching debris trapped between the keyboard keys. The latter is particularly handy, as in-between keys is otherwise very difficult place to reach. And only a few minutes’ use, my keyboard looked considerably healthier.

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