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We can remember when everyone online had a personal home page, then blogs came along and home pages started to seem a bit old hat. With the appearance of Facebook and Twitter, blogs started to seem old hat too.

The problem with all the social media services we use now is that our online identities are scattered. There’s a bit of you on LinkedIn and another bit on Google+. The funny stuff goes on Twitter, the family photos on Facebook. Where can people go to get the whole picture?

About.me is an AOL-owned site that enables you to create a special page that brings together all your social media profiles, blogs and online galleries. In fact, it reminds us very much of those old home pages.

You get to choose what you share with the people who visit your about.me page. So, if you want to aim it at prospective employers, you can add your LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, and leave off Facebook. Here’s the clever part – when visitors click on those links, the content pops up in an overlay. They never leave the about.me site. The experience is like using any other website with local content, but you can put it together in a matter of minutes.

You can put together your own personal website in minutes with about.me

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