Action Method full review

The problem with most project management tools is that they’re made for office environments. People used to spreadsheets and databases can get their heads around that kind of tool fine. What if you’re more creative, though? What if you need a project-management system that allows you to see what you’re doing?

Action Method could be the solution. It’s more than just an online tool. In fact, the developers sell notebooks and pads that enable you to follow the method, humorously dubbed the Offline version... Like the GTD method, it gives you a way to prioritise the things you have to do and then work through your tasks in a progressive, organised manner.

The building blocks for this are Action Steps. They’re tasks with definite goals you can define as completed once finished. The Action Method online tool gives you a fast entry system for adding these Action Steps, which are notes with an embedded call to action, and then managing them in a number of ways.

Steps can be assigned to overall projects or groups; and they can be assigned to targets and colour coded, for fast sorting. In addition to Action Steps, there are four other sections  for your projects, which enable you to collate steps as a collective goal. Most notably, the References tab for source materials, URLs notes and so on; and the Backburners section for projects and steps that are bubbling under.

The clean design and visual interface make it a natural choice for creative types who need to sort out their working lives

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