Alarm Clock Pro full review

If the feeble bleep on your watch or phone isn’t enough to get you up in the morning, why not turn your MacBook Pro into a rather pricy alarm clock?

We jest, of course. Alarm Clock Pro can be used like a bog-standard alarm clock if you like. You can use it to wake up to your favourite internet radio station, play an MP3, CD, or even a DVD movie.

In fact, it can do just about anything your Mac can do, whenever you tell it to do it. It’s not just an alarm clock, you see – it’s scheduling software that integrates with your operating system, triggering actions in response to your command.

In the case of shell scripts, that’s literal. Consequently, the list of things it can do goes on and on, so we’ll confine ourselves to the cool stuff. Like the fact that it can text a ‘To Do’ list to your mobile phone at a set time every day, startup your computer when you schedule it or automatically send emails on anniversaries. You
need never forget a birthday again. Then there are the timing features, like its built-in stopwatch, custom on-screen clocks, and a Chronoindex for calculating the minutes, hours and seconds between two entered times.

All these features and functions are packed into a menu-driven interface that gives you quick access to date and time scheduling facilities. Alarms are set in a separate window, and displayed as an events list that’s easy to edit.

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