Application Wizard 2.3.1 full review

Application Wizard helps to organise, launch and access your Mac’s programs. It also makes navigating the connected volumes on your machine easier. Application Wizard displays a relatively unobtrusive mini-toolbar with four colour-coded buttons. This is the impressive bit. Instead of having to dig through the system volume, you can access the applications in the Dock or Applications folder, switch between open programs or access a list of ‘special’ items. These special items include a list of your system volumes, recent folders, a handy memory usage utility and also power management buttons.

One of the tool’s more powerful features is the ability to create new groups of applications. This reminds us a little of the Start menu in Windows, which allows you to create themed program groups, which are then accessible from a Dock-like toolbar. that the toolbar is far less obtrusive and is always visible when enabled.

Actually, the Application Wizard menu panel doesn’t have to be always visible. You can configure it to hide automatically, or switch it off entirely and rely on hotkeys instead. The Preference pane also lets you position the panel.

You also have a degree of deep control over application behaviour, launching selected programs automatically at startup, hiding unused applications and supporting older Macs with classic launch modes. Programs are added in the exact same way as creating groups, so the interface is always clear and consistent.

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